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Hugo Kemna
(fl. 1875-1886)

Hugo Kemna was a mineralogist and mineral dealer, first in Hannover, Germany (as "Mineralien-Niederlage zu Hannover"),and then in Göttingen (as "Mineralien-Handlung Göttingen," then as "Mineralien-Niederlage zu Göttingen"). The business in Hannover was in operation at least as early as 1875, and probably earlier. A notice in Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie stated that the move from Hannover to Göttingen took place on October 1, 1877. It further stated (my translation):

Through important purchases, and in particular by the acquisition of the famous fossil collection of Herr Director Ludwig in Darmstadt, we have recently broadened our stock in all areas. Both whole suites, and individual minerals, fossils and rocks are available. The owners endeavor to meet all requests brought to them if possible, and to purchase from all parts of the world scientifically valuable material.

The notice is signed by Hugo Kemna and Dr. J.H. Kloos, who were partners in the business, though Kloos, a mining engineer, lived in Stuttgart and was clearly the junior partner.

In 1878 they announced the purchase of the collection of the late (young) Mining Commissioner Dr. Jordan, containing many beautiful specimens of various kinds that had not been available on the market for many years. In 1879 they announced the acquisition of the collection of Dr. H.O. Lang, containing many specimens from southern Sweden and Norway. In 1886 Kloos published an article on jeffersonite, stating that a shipment of the material had arrived from America (Franklin, New Jersey) at the Hugo Kemna dealership in Göttingen.
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