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Johann Strunz

Johann Strunz, master Carpenter and amateur paleontologist, was born in Hof, Bavaria on June 3, 1845. He was at first interested in botany and medicine. During the search for medicinal plants his trained eye also noticed various petrified remains, and soon his interest shifted entirely to collecting fossils, particularly from the Muschelkalk limestone. As a self-taught scholar he was comfortably able to make close contacts with quarrymen, so that he received nearly all of the interesting finds in his area. He scoured the literature on the Münster area for potentially productive localities and, in the course of several decades, through diligence and perseverance, he built up a substantial collection which contained many valuable paleontological specimens of marine vertibrates and even dinosaurs.

The Strunz collection was kept in its own building, which the owner had established for it. The room was filled with many collectible and scientific treasures including valuable mineral specimens. A fossil creature which Strunz collected and had prepared was named Nothosaurus strunzi in his honor. Through his fine collection Strunz also maintained the strongest scientific and collector relations with the Geological Institute in Tübingen.

Johann Strunz died in Bayreuth on June 21, 1921. He is considered to be the pioneer of the second paleontological epoch of Bayreuth.

ANON. (2007) Wer ist wer in Bayreuth?
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The Mineralogical Record - Johann Strunz
The Mineralogical Record - Johann Strunz
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