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Carl Schiffner
(1865-ca. 1950)

Bergrat Dr. Ing. Carl William Anton Schiffner was born in Cainsdorf near Zwickau on May 30, 1865, the son of Maria Schönfelder and Carl Anton Schiffner, a blast furnace engineer at the Queen Mary smelter. He enrolled in the Freiberg Mining Academy in 1885, graduating in 1889 with a degree in smelter engineering. Following an internship at the Halsbrückner smelter, he was hired in 1890 to work at the Freiberg smelter. After working for two years there in several different posts he was granted his state certification.

In 1902 Schiffner returned to the Freiberg Mining Academy as Assistant Professor of Smelter Engineering and Electrometallurgy, and was promoted to full professor the following year. He kept his knowledge up-to-date through regular travels to smelting facilities and educational institutions outside Germany, including many in Bohemia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland, the United States, Canada, Japan and China. In 1908-1912, he investigated the distribution of radioactive element deposits in Germany, for use in medical treatments. He also served as translator and editor for the 1928 reprint of Agricola's famous De re metallica. In 1935 he published a book on the history of the academy, in 1938 another book on prominent students of the Academy, and in 1942, Männer des Metallhüttenwesens. Today there is a Carl-Schiffner-Strasse in Freiberg.

SCHIFFNER, C. (1938) Aus dem Leben alter Freiberger Bergstudenten. Freiberg, Germany, Ernst Mauckisch, 1935-40; 3 vols. With supplement, edited by H.-U. Mueller, Essen, Verlag Glückauf, 1971. [Outstanding biographical dictionary with much historical material and portraits of the professors and students who were associated with the famous Bergakademie in Freiberg.]
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The Mineralogical Record - Carl Schiffner Carl Schiffner
The Mineralogical Record - Carl Schiffner
The Mineralogical Record - Carl Schiffner 46 x 57 mm, front and back (Courtesy of Armin Sorg)
The Mineralogical Record - Carl Schiffner 46 x 57 mm (Courtesy of Armin Sorg)
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