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Emmanuel Dagincourt

The Comptoir Geologique de Paris—at 53, rue Monsieur-le-Prince—was founded by Dr. Emmanuel Dagincourt, secretary of the Société Géologique de France. The company is also known to have had the address 15, rue de Tournon, although whether this is earlier or later than the rue Monsieur-le-Prince address is not known.

Dagincourt dealt in mineral specimens and published geology books and geologic maps, particularly the Annuaire géologique universel et guide de geologue autour de la Terre das le Musées, les principales collections et les gisements de fossiles et de minéraux series in 1885-1898. The 1885 edition was by Dagincourt himself, in collaboration with ten other authors. Volcans et tremblements de terre by H.J. Johnston-Lavis was published in 1889 by "Comptoir Géologique de Paris [of] Dagincourt et Cie." They also published Guide du géologue dans le Tertiaire parisien (1890), Géologie des Indes anglaises (1893), and numerous other titles and monographs. The latest published reference to the company is in Clegg's International Directory of the World's Book Trade (1906).

Labels for the The Comptoir Geologique de Paris are know in two principal types: those with and without Dr. Dagincourt's name. All bear the address of 15, rue de Tournon. They are printed on thin, high-acid paper which tends to turn brown and crumble even faster than usual for the time. An 1885 catalog states that Daginourt had taken over the specimen businesses of Emile Bertrand "(186-1884)" and a dealer named Carabœuf. On the second-to-last page it advertises mines for sale in Italy: copper, asbestos, gold, graphite -- some inactive, and some still operating.
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