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Ernst Leisner
(fl. 1860's-1890's)

Ernst Leisner was a German mineral dealer and teacher in Waldenburg, Schliesen, Germany. His name first appears via a letter he wrote in April 1865 to the editors of Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, discussing some geological matters and mentioning that he had specimens of minerals, rocks and fossils for sale or trade. In Hoffman's Zeitschrift für mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrich (1871) he is listed as the "Schlesischen Mineraliencomptoir von E. Leisner, Lehrer zu Waldenburg," a source of study collections of mineral and rock specimens--60 specimens for 2.5 Thalers, 80 specimens for 4 Thalers and 100 specimens for 6 Thalers. Leisner issued catalogs, the third of which appeared in 1874, entitled Verzeichniss von verkäuflichen Mineralien, Felsarten und Versteinerungen im schlesischen Mineralien-Comptoir, Waldenburg, 17 pages.

Apparently Leisner was also involved in publishing a mineralogy text. The 1879 edition of a classroom mineralogy text by Friedrich Scholz was published in Breslau by Maruschke and Berendt; an 1889 reference states that "after the death of the author it (i.e. the production of new editions) was taken over by E. Leisner" and published in Breslau by Maruschke and Berendt. In 1892, E. Leisner published Scholz' Das Wissenwertheste aus der Mineralogie, 7th edition, printed in Berlin, and in 1896 he published Scholz' Wissenwürdigste aus der Mineralogie, 8th edition, printed Breslau.
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