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Dr. Anton Lebherz
(1897-ca. 1979)

Anton Lebherz was born in Lauingen, Germany, on October17, 1897. In 1906 he was inspired by a seminar instructor, Georg Wagner, to begin assembling his own collection of minerals. In 1915 he visited the Barbara shaft of the Staatsbruch mine in the Wölsendorf fluorite district, and collected there regularly until his 19th year, when he was drafted into military service during World War I. He served with distinction and was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class and the War Merit Cross before being discharged on December 16, 1918. He returned to civilian life and studied chemistry and biology at the University of Munich, where he earned his doctor of philosophy degree. When World War II came, he served again, from 1939 to 1949, and was a prisoner of war.

As a passionate mineral collector, he eventually built a personal collection focusing on Western Europe, containing 25,000 specimens. In 1956, he built a house for himself in Stockdorf near Munich and included in it a large display room for his minerals, which he made available to the public as a private museum (“privat wissenschaftliche Institut für Minerallagerstättenkunde”), with about 6,500 specimens on exhibit. München is abbreviated "Mchn" on his label. Many of his specimens were sold to private collectors over the years, and their provenance is considered so desirable that some fake labels have been created.

In 1969, Lebherz and his wife decided to give his collection to his hometown of Lauingen. In 1972 it was turned over to the city, and was complemented in 1979 by a further donation; it is on display there today. Some of his collection is also on exhibit in the Krügerhaus Museum in Freiberg, Germany.

A label also exists for "Dr. Lebherz [in] Amberg," a town about 100 miles north of Munich.

KOMMER, Michael; “Dr. Anton Lebherz.”
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