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Hans Jaklin

Hans Jaklin, Austrian collector and mineralogist, was born May 4, 1874, in Videm(south of Ljubljana), Steiermark Province, Austria (today Slovenia), the son of Johann Jaklin, a merchant. He studied at the Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben, Austria, from 1892/93 to 1895/96, and finished with the "Absolutorium" (bachelor's or Master's Degree but without the thesis requirement for PhD) on July 20, 1896. He may have been a Royal Imperial "Mining academician" (k.k. Bergakademiker). His mineral collection consisted almost exclusively of specimens from Austro-Hungarian localities. The Krantz mineral dealership obtained his mineral collection, which appears to have been quite numerous. All labels are squares of brown paper rubber-stamped with his name in purple ink.
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The Mineralogical Record - Hans Jaklin
The Mineralogical Record - Hans Jaklin 84 X 53 mm (collection of D. Ozdín, Bratislava, Slovakia)
The Mineralogical Record - Hans Jaklin 65 x 50 mm (Richard Lang collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Hans Jaklin 85 x 52 mm (Roger Lang collection)
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