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Eugen Hussak

Eugen Hussak of Graz, Austria was born in 1856 and studied under Ferdinand Zirkel in Leipzig, where he earned his PhD. In 1880 Hussak wrote about the eruptive rocks of Schemnitz (possibly a thesis), and in 1885 he wrote Anleitung zur bestimmung der gesteinbildenden mineralien ("Introduction to the Determination of the Rock-Forming Minerals"), published in English in 1893, when he was "Privat Docent in the University of Grau," and in 1886 he published installment number 8 of Die Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Geologie.

He was a member of the Geological Survey of Brazil (Geographic and Geologic Commission) in Saġ Paolo in 1887-1895, and wrote numerous articles on Brazilian mineralogy, including new species descriptions with his co-author Dr. George Thurland Prior (1862-1936), Keeper in the Mineralogy Department at the British Museum. They described the new mineral species lewisite (1895), zirkelite (1895), senaite (1898), and florencite (1900). Hussak sold the type specimens to American collector Washington Roebling, and in 1927 they passed to the Smithsonian Institution along with the rest of Roebling's collection. Hussak and Prior also described the new species derbylite (1895) and tripuhyite (1897), donating the type specimens to the Natural History Museum in Paris and the British Museum (Natural History) in London. He also described the morphology of Brazilian xenotime in 1891, and described the new species gorgeixite (by himself) in 1906. In 1901 he published Katechismus der Mineralogie, and he also wrote about the minerals associated with Brazilian diamonds (1898, 1906), and on the occurrence of palladium and platinum in Brazil (1904, 1906).

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