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Wilhelm Schmidt

Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt was a mining surveyor ("Markscheider") and mineral collector in the town of Kamen (32 miles from Bochum), Germany. He was especially fond of minerals from Tsumeb, Namibia, acquiring specimens from there beginning at least as early as 1920, but primarily in 1935-1938. Apparently he purchased many of his specimens from Siegerland miners returning from service in the Tsumeb mine. Gebhard (1999) wrote:

"Schmidt was already very experienced and had excellent knowldege of the values of specimens. The Siegerlanders, on the other hand, were not as well informed about the market values, so that [Schmidt] often had the advantage in the deal. It is amazing how many museums' mineral specimens bearing Schmidt's labels can be found. Obviously he must have had many customers whom he constantly supplied with new material. In spite of this, there still remains a substantial part of his collection, most of which was purchased by the Museum of Natural History in Dortmund, Germany."

In the early 1950's the Westfälische Berggewerkschafts- kasse (WBK; Westphalian Miners' Union Fund) in Bochum installed mineral collection cabinets with attached desk-top showcases. The exhibit included remarkable specimens from the mineral collection of Dr. W. Schmidt, which the WBK had purchased.

The Mineralogical Record Label Archive contains 58 Schmidt labels, 36 of which are for specimens from Tsumeb, Namibia. They are dated 1935-1958, except for one dated 1920. One line on his preprinted labels reads "gekauft, getauscht, geschenkt, gefunden" ("purchased, exchanged for, received as a gift, self-collected"). He would cross out the three that did not apply in each case.

GEBHARD, G. (1999) Tsumeb, a Unique Mineral Locality. GG Publishing, Grossenseifen, Germany.
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