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Stefan Meier
(1965-    )

Stefan Meier was born in Marktredwitz, Germany in 1965, the son of Ute and Werner Meier, a Postal employee. He became interested in minerals at an early age, around 1977, and attended Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) in Nuremberg where he earned a degree, Dipl. Ing (FH), in Materials Engineering. Today he works as a ceramics engineer in Marktredwittz.

Since 1977 he has specialized in the minerals and rocks of northeastern Bavaria, and has collected at over 400 localities in Bavaria. Although his passion is for minerals, rocks and fossils, he is also concerned with the geological background, the history of the localities and the relevant bibliographies. Consequently, he has also built a rather extensive personal library. He has published numerous articles and has publicly exhibited large portions of his collection. His personal mineral cabinet contains over 5,000 hand-size and cabinet-size specimens, arranged according to geological district and the main rock units in the area.

Favorite collecting areas include the Johanneszeche steatite pit near Göpfersgrün, the Wunsiedler marble, pegmatite minerals of the Steinbrüchen Waldstein, Epprechtstein, Reinersreuth, Fuchsbau and Zufurt quarries; andalusite from Stiftland and the Bayerland mine, the Serpentinite deposits of Wurlitz und Zell, and kyanite, zoisite, gold and zeolites from the Münchberger Gneiss and the Teichelberg basalt quarries. He has also collected very good specimens of the rare organic mineral fichtelite.

Beside collecting attractive display specimens he also tries to document the varieties of mineralization. He has acquired many specimens through special "strokes of luck" (e.g. during construction activity in old pit areas), and has saved many "historical" pieces from long extinct pits and quarries, as well as interesting historical collection labels from old collections. Thus, for example, he has collections of the ore minerals mined in Arzberg Roethenbach, including siderite, rhodochrosite, pyrolusite, arsenic, galena and sphalerite, and many rare specimens from the gold and antimony mining region of Goldkronach Brandholz, including such rarities as plagionite, meneghinite, semseyite, zinckenite and brandholzite.

Because many minerals occur only in relatively small crystals, he also began making and collecting micromounts and now has nearly 20,000 mounts in his collection. He also collects rocks, polished sections and fossils (about 1,000 specimens). His personal web page is
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