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Stratford C. H. Bailey

The American Museum of Natural History purchased its first major mineral collection for $5,000 in 1874, from Stratford C.Harvey Bailey, a New York lawyer. Bailey was born June 5, 1822 in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. After obtaining his law degree he lived in Cortlandt, New York and had offices in New York City. His collection, numbering between 5,000 and 7,000 specimens, was displayed in the Old Arsenal Building at 64th St. and Fifth Avenue. It was mostly sold off to dealers after the Museum acquired the much superior Bement collection in 1900. Bailey, William Vaux and Charles Spang were among the first American collectors to focus on aesthetic specimens. Bailey started assembling his collection during the late 1840's, and continued collecting after the sale in 1874, at least until 1898, by which time he had acquired another 3,915 specimens. These, too, were obtained by the American Museum, purchased on the museum's behalf from Bailey's heir by J. P. Morgan in 1912. The Museum later sold these to a dealer as well. Bailey died on December 11, 1910.

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