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Ernst Baader

Dr. Jakob Andreas Baader was a physician and mineral dealer, originally from Salzburg, Austria, who was selling specimens well before 1823; notes in the catalog of thr Vienna Natural History Museum indicate that as of 1825 he had already been a mineral dealer for "many years." Baader graduated from the University of Vienna in 1825. His dissertation was dedicated to Johann Baptise Megerle von Mühlfeld, former adjunct director of the Royal Imperial Naturalien-Kabinett, who had died 12 years before in 1813. It was a review and comparison of the systems of mineralogy that had been proposed by Wallerius, Cronstedt, Werner, Haüy, Berzelius, Mohs and Breithaupt. An 1846 commercial directory indicates that, as a mineral dealer, he bought and sold individual specimens and whole collections from his shop at Alte Wiedner Hauptstrasse nr. 471; he was also listed as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at Bürgerspital nr. 1100. He is known to have supplied mineral specimens to the Montanist Museum in 1848 and the Royal Imperial Polytechnic Institute in 1849. His mineral business appeared for the last time in the 1855 commercial directory.

At some time between 1842 and 1848 his son, Ernst Baader, is believed to have taken over the mineral business, but he may not have renamed it immediately. He is known only as "Dr. Baader's son in Vienna" on his undated printed mineral labels (like those shown here). He is known to have had a shop at Wienerstrasse 797 in 1859, at Mühlbacherstrasse 15 in 1862, and at Wienerstrasse 15 in 1867.

FITZ, O. (1993) Eine Sammlung erzählt / Beitrag zu Inhalt und Geschichte der Mineralien- und Gesteinssammlung an der Abteilung Baugeologie des Institutes für Bodenforschung und Baugeologie, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien. Mitteilungen des Institutes für Bodenforschung und Baugeologie, Abteilung Baugeologie, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Sonderheft 1, 80 p.
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