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Hatfield Goudey

Hatfield Goudey, American economic geologist, mineral collector and dealer in microminerals, was born in Red Bank, New Jersey on December 13, 1906, the son of Georgina Gibson and Edward Everett Goudey, who worked for Bell Electric. His family moved to Oregon when he was very young, and his father established the Goudey Mortgage and Loan Company in Portland. It was in Oregon that Hatfield developed a love of the outdoors, mountaineering and minerals. He studied geology at the Colorado School of Mines, but had to leave after two years without having attained his degree, because of financial problems brought about by the Great Depression. In 1930 he was working as a clerk in a stock brokerage in San Francisco. He married Viola Elizabeth Gregory in Jackson, California in 1939, and together they had two sons, Kenneth and John.

Hatfield worked as a mining geologist, and became an important dealer in rare minerals and ore minerals, especially microcrystals for micromounting. He collected many of his specimens in the field during the course of his work for mining companies. His first classified ad in Rocks & Minerals appeared in December 1940, offering uvarovite crystals "on ore," and giving his address only as "Jamestown, California," where he was Chief Geologist at the Harvard mine. He graduated to a third-of-a-page display ad in April 1941, offering "cabinet specimens," measuring 2 x 2 to 2 x 3 inches, of various California species, plus pyromorphite from Idaho and vanadinite from Arizona. And in the following issue he had a full-page ad listing 25 different species, in thumbnail to small cabinet size, mostly from the West and Southwest.

His ads ended temporarily in July 1942, and resumed in December with a new address: Yerington, Nevada. His stock consisted in large part of ore minerals, and he was beginning to offer smaller specimens, devoting an ad in April 1943 to specimens in the 1 x 1 to 1 x 2 range. His ads stopped again after May 1943. In March 1944, Spokane mineral dealer Charles O. Fernquist announced that he had purchased "the stock of Hatfield Goudey."

Goudey continued collecting specimen material after selling his stock to Fernquist, and resumed advertising in November 1944, when he announced: "Micro-mount Collectors: For some time I have been building up a stock of selected unmounted specimens for the micro-mount collector. Some mounted specimens are also listed. The first price list is now ready." He continued his ads for macro-specimens but often ran small ads for microminerals as well.

In April 1945 he wrote, "This month we have been in the hills so much of the time that there has been no chance to write this ad at home. This being written in a little cabin in an isolated section of Nevada without benefit of reference to stock.." He was still working in the Yerington, Nevada copper mining district, and among his offerings was a collection of 35 different minerals and rocks from the district. And in December 1945 he published his first full-page ad listing only microminerals.

In January 1946 Gouday announced that he was expanding his business into "a general service supplying minerals and rocks for collectors, schools, museums and research." Whole collections and bulk minerals by weight were to be included. One of his teaching collections he called "The Ideal Mineral Study Collection," consisting of 150 thumbnail specimens of economic and domestic minerals for $25. Another was his "Economic Collection" of 100 one-inch specimens of commercially valuable minerals for $10.

Goudey's last ad from the Yerington address appeared in December 1950, and he did not advertise again until January 1954, by which time he had relocated to Gabbs, Nevada. He remained in Gabbs until September 1956, when he began advertising from 165 Moana Lane in Reno, Nevada. By this time his business consisted almost entirely of micromounts and micromounting supplies plus a few thumbnails and a chemical test kit for uranium. His last ad from Reno appeared in December 1956, and he did not advertise again in Rocks & Minerals.

In 1957, Goudey issued an eight-page list of micromounts for sale, the first two pages of which were a summary of the philosophy and techniques of micromounting. He later offered sets of micromounts illustrating particular aspects of specimen mineralogy. His catalogs appeared until the year of his death, and became a standard against which the prices and the quality of micromount material were gauged.

Goudey's first article (on hiking in the Trinity Alps in California) appeared in the Sierra Club Bulletin in 1936, and he published a number of articles on minerals and mineral deposits in The Mineralogist, American Mineralogist (e.g. "Dibydrite from Mineral County, Nevada" in 1945), Rocks & Minerals (e.g. "Wurtzite in Washoe County, Nevada" in 1947) and one for the Mineralogical Record in 1978, on staking mining claims for the collector. The mineral goudeyite> from Majuba Hill, Nevada was named in Goudey's honor by William Wise in 1978, in recognition of Goudey's work on the mineralogy of that deposit.

Hatfield Goudey retired to San Mateo, California but remained a regular advertiser in the Mineralogical Record from 1971 through January-February 1984, and died on April 11, 1985. He had sold his personal collection of about 600 micromounts to Dr. George Tunnell at the University of California, Riverside in 1950, and it was later acquired by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Goudey was elected posthumously to the Micromounters' Hall of Fame in 2003.

Jamestown, California (1940-1942)
Yerington, Nevada (1942-1950)
Gabbs, Nevada (1954-1956)
Reno, Nevada (1956-?)
San Mateo, California (<1971?-1985)

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The Mineralogical Record - Hatfield Goudey Hatfield Goudey
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