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William Leach     

William "Bill" Leach was the proprietor of Good Earth Gems & Minerals, operating out of his home in Turlock, California in the 1970's. He sold general worldwide mineral specimens.

It was Bill who conceived the idea of mounting little pewter figurines of miners and prospectors on attractive chunks of inexpensive, crystallized minerals such as amethyst geode pieces and selling them as gift items to the tourist shops. He started out buying pewter from Don Meyers in Washington and the crystal specimens from Rock Currier's Jewel Tunnel Imports.. He built up his business but unfortunately became too involved with consignment craft stores that didn't pay for the pieces until they were sold; cash flow problems ensued. Behind on payments to his suppliers, he eventually offered the business to Rock Currier if Rock would assume his debts to Don Meyer. Rock agreed, and learned how to make his own pewter figurines (with the help of Ed Swaboda, who had a pewter-casting business on Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles). Rock purchased his own casting equipment and was soon supplying Don Meyer with all of his pewter figurines. The figurines-on-crystals business has been very good ever since.

After selling the figurine business to Rock Currier, Bill moved to Salem, Oregon where he re-established Good Earth Gems and Minerals and got a job as a maintenance man for a school district. He tried to buy out Galas Minerals but was unsuccessful. The business closed around 2002.

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