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Eugenio Bazzi

Eugenio Bazzi was an Italian engineer, industrialist and well-known mineral collector in Milan. He was very active in field collecting, especially in the Baveno area, and was a prominent person in his day. In 1911 he collected an unknown mineral at the Baveno quarries. Ettore Artini determined it to be a new scandium mineral and in 1915 named it bazzite in his honor. The Bazzi collection (source of the label shown here) included several thousand mineral and rock specimens, some of them dating back to the young Bazzi's collecting years in the early 1900's. It included a systematic collection and several regional collections (Vesuvius, Gothard, Baveno, Val d'Ala, Brosso and Traversella, Saint Marcel, Cuasso al Monte, Sardinia). In 1937 Prof. Emanuele Grill of the University of Milan proposed to purchase the collection from Bazzi's estate. His proposal was accepted and Bazzi's collection was acquired in 1939 for 45,000 lire.

Eugenio Bazzi was the initiator of a commercial institution called the Istituto Geo-Mineralogico Italiano (IGMI), dedicated to acquiring, trading and selling mineral specimens, especially from foreign countries. Participants or supporters included Ettore Artini, Francesco Mauro, Alberto Pelloux, Elvino Mezzena and Marco De Marchi--all important personalities in the Italian academic and collecting world. Probably Bazzi and the other participants wanted to acquire for their collections specimens that, in those times, would have been difficult for an individual to procure. IGMI was officially innaugurated on December 14, 1915 and for almost 11 years it supplied good quality mineral specimens to schools, universities and museums and private collectors, always allowing the Milan Natural History Museum the right of first refusal. IGMI also sponsored new collecting initiatives in the classic localities of Val d'Ala and Baveno. The Institute was closed in 1926, and the liquidation of its assets was completed in 1933.

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The Mineralogical Record - Eugenio Bazzi 46 x 62 mm
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