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Susie Davis

Catherine Ellen "Susie" Davis, proprietor of Davis Minerals in Tucson, was born at Johnson Camp in Arizona Territory on September 12,1909, the daughter of Nellie Renaud and John C. Lemons, a miner. Shortly thereafter her family moved to Tombstone, where her father often took her with him into the mines. From these early experiences grew her interest in mines and minerals.

In 1929 (her father having died) Susie moved to the mining town of Bisbee and opened a flower shop; it was there in the early 1930's that she met and married Brooks Davis, a telegraph linesman. They moved back to Tombstone where Brooks became superintendant of mines for the Tombstone Development Company, and was elected Mayor of Tombstone in 1936. In 1942 they moved to Tucson, where Susie opened a leather shop, and she and Brooks became partners in the Old Yuma mine nearby. After a few years her strong love of minerals won out, and Davis Minerals was opened for business in the early 1950's.

Brooks (the son of Florence and Kruse Brooks, a railroad telegrapher; born December 9, 1905) passed away in March 1974, but Susie remained in the wholesale mineral business until her death in 1982. During her 30 years in business she handled thousands of outstanding specimens which found their way into museums and private collections around the world, but she never had printed labels of her own. Her large personal collection of fine Mexican and Southwestern minerals was sold to the Smithsonian Institution in 1972.

WILSON, W.E. (1982) Died, Susie (Catherine) Davis, 72. Mineralogical Record, 13, 322.
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The Mineralogical Record - Susie Davis Susie Davis
The Mineralogical Record - Susie Davis
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