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J.R. Geigy

In 1758 Johann Rudolf Geigy-Gemuseus (1733-1793) began trading in "Materials, Chemicals, Dyes and Drugs of all kinds" in Basel. This was the origin of Ciba Specialty Chemicals, the oldest chemical company in Basel. In 1857 Johann Rudolf Geigy-Merian (1830-1917), the founder's great grandson, and his partner Johann Muller-Pack purchased property in Basel, where they build a dyewood mill and a dye extraction plant. Two years later, they begin to produce synthetic fuchsine. In 1868 he took over management of the entire Geigy firm. They began to produce aniline synthetic dyes using a process already patented in other countries (Geigy dispised the patent concept). By 1875, Geigy was exporting dyes to America, India, China, Japan, Java, and the Philippine Islands. The Geigy family diversified into agricultural chemicals in the 1950's. In 1972 Geigy merged with Ciba─a Basel‑based chemicals company founded in 1884─to form Ciba‑Geigy Ltd.

The mineral label shown here gives the French version of Johann Rudolf Geigy-Merian's name, "Jean Rod. Geigy." "Bāle" is an alternate spelling of "Basle," Switzerland.

BUERGIN, Alfred (1958) Geschichte des Geigy Unternehmens von 1758 bis 1939. 2 vols., Basel.
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"Bāle" is an alternate spelling of "Basle," Switzerland
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