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Charles C. Hitchcock
(1846-ca. 1935)

Charles Calvin Hitchcock was born in Ware, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on August 17, 1846, the son of Delia Chandler and Calvin Hitchcock. He married Maria E. in 1867 and together they had two sons, George and John, and a daughter, Mary. He was a merchant in a general store (Calvin Hitchcock & Company--founded 1858 by his father--"groceries, dry goods, carpets, boots, shoes, crockery, wall papers, etc.") in Ware, a Trustee and Vice President of the Ware Savings Bank, and a Director of the Ware Electric Company. By 1900 his sons were working with him in the store, and they remained with him until they all retired. His specimen label is evidence that he built a collection of minerals substantial enough to require preprinted labels.

NOTE: Not to be confused with American geologist Charles Henry Hitchcock (1836-1919), Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at Amherst (also President), Yale, and Dartmouth (1868-1908), and State Geologist of New Hampshire (1868-1878) and Maine.

U.S. Federal Census 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
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The Mineralogical Record - Charles C. Hitchcock 70 x 109 mm,
The "Prescott, Mass." locality shown was about 20 miles from Hitchcock's home in Ware, Massachusetts.
The Mineralogical Record - Charles C. Hitchcock 42 x 85 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Charles C. Hitchcock 1885 Ad for C. Hitchcock & Company in Ware, Massachusetts
The Mineralogical Record - Charles C. Hitchcock 1903 Ad for C. Hitchcock & Company, Ware, Massachusetts
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