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Neal Yedlin

Leo Neal Yedlin was born in New York City on March 20, 1908, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants Cecelia Shapiro and Morris Yedlin, an "examiner at a sponging establishment" (1910) and later a "merchant, machines" (1920), and a "builder, construction" (1930). Neal (or Leo, as he was known then) began collecting minerals at an early age, with his boyhood friend Lou Perloff. At the age of 12 the two boys discovered the Brooklyn Children's Museum and its mineral collection, and thereafter spent many afternoons there learning about minerals, especially enjoying the instruction provided by Jack Boyle. They attended Boy's High School in Brooklyn, where Neal served as President of the student body, and competed actively in many sports including baseball, archery, soccer, lacrosse (team captain), football (named "Outstanding School Athlete") and swimming. And they field-collected at dozens of localities in the New York City area.

In 1930 Neal, age 22, was employed as a clerk in a law office. He attended Columbia University for two years and graduated from the Brooklyn Law School of St. Lawrence University in 1929. He passed his bar exams in 1930, and practiced law in New York until moving to Maine in 1937, where he set up a law practice at Cedar Grove near West Dresden. He also served as counselor and director at a boy's summer camp in Bear Mountain Park (near Franklin, New Jersey) each year from 1937 to 1942. But in that year he moved back to New York and joined the Service, serving for four years as a courts-martial investigator and counselor in the Air Corps.

In the 1940's, following the War, Neal practiced law and worked in real estate construction until 1950, when he moved to New Haven, Connecticut. He met and married Helen Rosenberg, a concert pianist. It was also in the 1940's that Neal and Lou Perloff took up micromounting and never looked back. And he also championed the collecting of old mineral labels, urging others to do the same. He began writing a column called "The Micromounter for Rocks & Minerals in 1948, and many years later, beginning in 1973 (the year of his retirement), did the same for Mineralogical Record. He was inducted into the Micromounters' Hall of Fame when it was founded in 1981.

Neal was active in many organizations, and served twice as President of the New York Mineralogical Club. He was, as his friend Carl Krotki described him, "a renaissance man of the mineral world, a collector, a micromounter, an author, a photographer, a counselor, a teacher, a speaker and a charming raconteur." His warmth and good humor, and his willingness to share with others all that he knew and enjoyed, became legendary. He died October 8, 1977, of complications from a paralyzing stroke the previous April. His label collection was bequeathed to his friend and fellow label collector Ron Bentley, and with Ron's was later given to the Mineralogical Record.

BENTLEY, R.E. (1979) Neal Yedlin—a memorial. Mineralogical Record, 10, 231-237.
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