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Henry Wallace Noyes

Henry Wallace Noyes was born in Portland, Maine on November 14, 1852, the son of Mercy Merritt Goding (1817-1898) and Henry C. Noyes (1820-1896), a carpenter and upholsterer. He married Lucy A. Lynch in 1879 and took a job as a clerk in a Portland dry goods store (1880), and as a "salesman" in 1885. By 1889 he had been promoted to "superintendant," and by 1900 he was listing himself as a "chemist" (pharmacist).

Noyes was also a mineral collector; he placed a small ad in the August 1887 issue of The Mineral Collector, offering a variety of Maine pegmatite minerals for exchange. In later ads he gave his address as 38 Winter St. (1888), 72 Pine St. (1889), 72 & 74 Pine St. (1890). The Winter St. address was his home, and the Pine St. address was the store where he worked. In 1895 (his last ad) he told of a successful field-collecting trip: "I have just returned from Cape Blomidon, N.S., and brought back with me some fine crystallized specimens of Analcime, Heulandite, black, white and yellow Stilbite, Chabazite and Natrolite, also some pretty agates for polishing."

Noyes built a species collection and a collection of cabinet specimens that filled the third floor attic of his house, obtaining many of his specimens from Edmond M. Bailey of Andover, Maine, Stanley Perham (q.v.), Edward and Ike Skillins (q.v.), and especially Ward's Natural Science Establishment (q.v.). He mounted all of his specimens on wooden blocks with label attached. Most of his specimen labels carry an acquisition date, the latest being February 1937, by which time he was 83 years old. Toward the end of his life he donated part of his collection to the now-defunct Portland Museum of Natural History, and his species collection was ultimately sold to an antique dealer (a Mr. Cinnamon), who sold it to Raymond Woodman of Auburn, Maine.

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The Mineralogical Record - Henry Wallace Noyes A 1929 meeting of the Maine Mineralogical Society, held in the third-floor attic of Henry W. Noyes (arrow). On his right stands Ike Skillin, and on his left is Herbert M.W. Haven.
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Label for a specimen from Noyes' 1895 Cape Blomidon field trip
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