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Jean-François Ogier

Jean-François Ogier (1703-1775), prominent French mineral collector and career diplomat, was the son of Pierre François Ogier and Marie Thérèse Berger. He married Marie Guyonne Cavelier de Cressonsacq and lived in Paris on the rue du quai d'Anjou in the parish of l'Îsle Saint-Louis. By 1768 he had purchased another home, at 14 rue Notre-Dame des Champs.

He served as "président de la chambre des requêtes" in the French Parliament in Paris from 1729 to 1761, and was referred to thereafter as honorary president. He was forced into exile for a while (along with other members of Parliament) for sedition against Cardinal Jean Omer Joly de Fleury (1700-1755), also a prominent mineral collector, in 1732. In 1744 he was appointed "surintendant de la maison de la Dauphine," and as churchwarden that same year he supervised the construction of an organ for the church of l'Îsle Saint-Louis.

Ogier was appointed an emmissary and sent to Regensburg by the King of France in 1752, and the following year was appointed French Ambassador to the Court of the Kingdom of Denmark in Copenhagen, a post he held until 1766. During the Seven Years War (1754 and 1756-1763) he was charged by the French Minister of the Navy to organize fleets under the neutral Danish flag in order to send supplies and ammunition to French forces fighting in Canada and the French Colonies. In 1766 he returned to France, was appointed Councilor of State (a post he held for the next ten years, until his death), and was active on the political scene.

Ogier died in early 1775, and on June 7 of that year his mineral collection was sold at auction in Paris. As a result of his many years as ambassador he had accumulated a collection strong in mineral specimens from Norway, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, complemented by specimens from the Harz Mountains, Freiberg and other northern European localities. His auction catalog, 36 untrimmed pages, describes 134 lots of mineral specimens along with 163 shells and other objects. A bronze bust of Ogier (by Jacques-François-Joseph Saly) is in the State Museum for Art in Copenhagen.

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