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Steve Carter
(1958-    )

Robert Stephen Carter was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1958. Growing up in the anthracite capital of the US, Steve first developed a love for fossils while climbing the culm dumps near his home. The deep mine spoils were full of lepidodrendon, calamites and other fossils from the Pennsylvanian era dating back 300 million years. It was, however, the occasional quartz or pyrite crystal found intermixed with the shale fossils that had inspired his love for mineralogy by the time he was ten.

Steve attended the University of Scranton and majored in business. He followed in his father's footsteps and entered the family manufacturing business where he is still employed. He is currently President of the Penn Shadecrafters, Inc. He also expanded his entrepreneurship in the mineral field by founding Penn Minerals, the first Pennsylvania internet website dedicated to mineraology, in the early 1990's. He credits his mentor, the late Jay Lininger, for giving him the focus to specialize in Pennsylvania minerals.

Over the course of his mineral career, Steve has acquired the Pennsylvania collections of C. Carter Rich, Bill Lorah, Don Schmerling, John Roger Mitchell, Joe Cilen, Ed McFarland and portions of the Paul Lazar and Jay Lininger collections.

Steve is currently doing research in the history of iron mining in northeastern Pennsylvania, a lost heritage overshadowed by the anthracite boom of the late 1800's. He claims one of the best kept secrets of northeastern Pennsylvania is the rich mineralogy of the area. Large siderite deposits as well as scattered traces of many lead, zinc and nickel minerals are embedded in the shales.

Steve is currently specializing in historic Pennsylvania minerals and also has the remaining back-issue inventory of Matrix magazine, a "Journal of the History of Minerals," co-founded by Lawrence Conklin and Jay Lininger, and available for sale on his Penn Minerals website.

Steve's greatest joys include not only the camaraderie of the mineral community, but his wife Catherine, daughter Martha and son Kyle. He also spends a great deal of time in stewardship for his Church and his love of the Lord, whom he credits for all his blessings.

MITCHELL, J.R. (2007) Personal communication.
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