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J. Roger Mitchell
(1961-    )

John Roger Mitchell was born August 20, 1961 in Lima, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the son of Kathryn H. and James E. Mitchell. He began collecting rocks in his family's own driveway, which was paved with material from the nearby Glen Mills quarry. "By the age of five," he says, "I had already packed the space under my bed with egg cartons full of rocks. Things only got worse from there." He went on to earn a B.S. degree in Geology from West Chester University, and attended additional courses at Bryn Mawr College. Following graduation he decided that Geology didn't pay well enough, and has worked as a tooling engineer for the Boeing Company since 1986.

Roger is particularly interested in the historical aspects of mineral collecting, and wrote numerous articles for Jay Lininger's Matrix magazine before Jay died. He has assisted significantly with the biographical entries for Pennsylvania collectors here in the Label Archive, and has served as Curator of Minerals at the Delaware County Institute of Science in Media, Pennsylvania since 1994. Collecting mining artifacts is his second hobby. His mineral collection, at its peak, numbered over 3,000 specimens, but he sold most of it off in the late 1990's; the Pennsylvania specimens went to Steve Carter of Penn Minerals. Roger retained his 500 best specimens, and now specializes in Delaware County minerals.

MITCHELL, J.R. (2006) Personal communication.
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