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George E. Ashby

George Endymion Ashby was born in New York, of English immigrant parents, in August of 1865. As the illigitimate son of Naoma (Naomi) S. Ashby (father unrecorded), he took the surname of his mother's family and was named after his uncle, George Ashby, an engineer, with whom they lived. He graduated from PS#4 Grammar School in Brooklyn in 1879 and continued in school, though it is not known where. He apparently never married, and spent his life in Brooklyn living with his mother until she died, well into her 80's.

Ashby was manager of the brokerage office of John R. Anderson & Company. He was an early member and President of the New York Mineralogical Club (joined in 1896) and the New York Microscopical Society. He served as President of the Department of Mineralogy at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences in 1903-1904, and is listed among the attendees celebrating the 175th anniversary of the birth of Ren Just Hay at the American Museum of Natural History in 1918. He was elected to office in two societies in 1935, and published a paper with Clifford Frondel in 1937. That paper makes reference to 500 specimens of muscovite collected by Ashby in the New York area, so it is clear that he was an avid field collector. Ashby was still attending meetings until at least as late as 1945. His collection was sold to the Brooklyn mineral dealer John Grenzig.

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