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Jean-Pierre Cand

Mineral dealer Jean-Pierre Cand was a free-spirited person who loved nature and had a passion for minerals. He was born in Geneva, Switzerland on January 14, 1938, and died in San Benito County, California on May 25, 2004, from injuries caused by falling rock while collecting benitoite and neptunite. He lived his life to the fullest and died doing what he loved best.

Jean-Pierre graduated from High School in Geneva in 1957 and began an apprenticeship program to become an insurance adjuster for the Geneva state government. This became his career for the next 15 years. He had begun his hobby of collecting minerals at a young age, and it was his great passion. He soon built a small personal collection and enjoyed traveling to buy specimens. Wishing to devote more time to minerals, he requested an unpaid three-weak leave of absence from his job in order to take a mineral-buying trip to Morocco. When this request was denied he made the decision to leave his job and become a full-time mineral dealer. He began by selling off his personal collection (so as not to compete with his own customers for good specimens) and never looked back.

His passion for minerals took him to many remote areas around the world in search of the finest specimens. He began traveling in the United States approximately 35 years ago, visiting all the mineral dealers around the country and always trying to find that one special piece that would eventually make one of his customers very happy. He never missed a Tucson show, and was well known for his fine taste in minerals. He was always looking for perfection. Having found a fine specimen, he always took care to see that it was professionally prepared. His extensive knowledge of mineralogy helped him acquire fine specimens, and many of these have found their ways into some of the best private collections around the world. His customers became his friends, and it was through these friendships that he was able to re-visit specimens he had sold.

In December of 1997, Jean-Pierre was granted permanent residency status in the United States, and moved to California in January of 1998. Although he had been born and raised in Switzerland, he loved the freedom and the open space of this country that allowed him to follow his dreams and indulge his love of minerals. During the last five years of his life, Jean-Pierre dedicated himself to doing a lot of self-collecting. He always felt a sense of gratitude to all of those who shared their "secret prospecting areas" with him. In turn, he was always willing to share his knowledge, and was always happy to invite along on his field trips anyone who shared the same interest.

CAND, D. (2004) Died, Jean-Pierre Cand, 66. Mineralogical Record, 35, 363.
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