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Harold D. Levey
(1925-    )

Harold D. Levey was born in Maryland on March 24, 1925, the son of David L. Levey, a businessman. He was raised in the Baltimore area, and first began collecting minerals in 1939, while on a herpetological hunt with two friends; although they found no snakes, he did find a schorl crystal in white quartz matrix. Not knowing what it was, he took it to the curator of the Natural History Society of Maryland, who identified it and asked Harold to donate it to the Society's collection, which he did (it was later illustrated on page 21 of Minerals of Maryland). He then joined the society and took part in numerous field trips to Maryland localities, including (by streetcar) the Bare Hills chromium mines, the Bare Hills copper mines, the Woodberry quarry, the Clipper Mill pegmatites and the McMahn quarry, and (by Model A Ford) locations father afield in Baltimore, Carroll, Harford and Cecil Counties. His collection grew quickly as a result.

During the war years Levey was able to extend his collecting trips to include the Amelia Court House area in Virginia, St. Mary's and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, and the PPG quarry in West Virginia. He also visited the limestone quarries in Ohio and Indiana, and the southern Illinois fluorite district. But the best collecting was at the famous Centreville quarry in Virginia, where he found apophyllite, prehnite, thaumasite and other minerals. In 1946 he wrote an article on the minerals of the H.T. Campbell quarry in Texas, Maryland, and in 1953 he wrote an article on the minerals of the Frostberg Fire Clay mine, both for Rocks & Minerals. In 1955 he took an extended collecting trip of six months through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Levey worked as Manager of Quality Control for AAI Corporation in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and for a brief period he also served as curator of minerals at the Natural History Society of Maryland. Around this time Paul Desautels moved to Baltimore from Philadelphia, and the two of them along with several others formed the Baltimore Mineral Society with Desautels as President. Levey also served a term as President. Their "field trips" included visits to the Philadelphia Academy of Science and the Smithsonian Institution. Levey was also a charter subscriber to The Mineralogical Record in 1970.

Around 1987 Levey embarked upon a small-scale mail-order mineral specimen business from his home in Pikesville, Maryland, which he called "Mineral Hill." He built up his stock buying wholesale from other dealers and from fellow collectors; prepared a catalog; and placed ads in Rocks & Minerals. The business was reasonably successful, but the death of Levey's wife, Margie, in 1990 caused him to halt his travel and specimen hunting. His collection currently numbers about 500 cabinet specimens. His extensive collection of micromounts, begun under the influence of Paul Desautels, was sold some years ago. Although he is no longer adding to his collection, his strong interest in the mineral world continues to be a source of pleasure.
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