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Harry Sering

Harry Sering, long-time Indianapolis mineral dealer, was born July 5, 1924 in Crawfordsville, Indiana, the son of May and Harry Sering, Sr., a clerk for a poultry company. Harry Jr. married Virginia M. Dobson, and together they had three children: Harry III (born July 22, 1948 in Indianapolis; died December 20, 2003), Rose Marie and Ricky Dean. Harry remarried in 1963, to Maria Elena Cavazos, and they had one daughter, Leslie Elaine Sering.

Harry Sering started in the mineral business in a very modest way in 1955 (his 1973 ads say "Our Eighteenth Year!"), working from his own home. His first ad appeared in Rocks & Minerals in Nov-Dec 1960, at 350 S. Fenton specializing in calcite crystal groups from Southern Indiana, and Indiana geodes, as well as other minerals (Uruguayan amethyst, smoky quartz, barite, quartz, rhodolite, etc.). Within a few years his mineral stock had become thoroughly international, including minerals from the Ojuela mine in Mexico and a batch of several hundred specimens from Tsumeb, Namibia. In 1964 he made an extended collecting trip through Mexico, covering more than 8,000 miles and visiting Mapimi, Charcas, Mazapil, Concepcion del Oro, Guanajuato, Velardena, Ahumada, Astillero, Alamos, Durango and Zacatecas.

Harry's wife Maria encouraged him in February 1965 to move the business out of his home on Fenton and into a new storefront at 1705 East Michigan Avenue in Indianapolis. She accompanied him on his mineral buying trips, and by 1967 she had quit her teaching job in order to help operate the business full time. By 1966 Sering boasted of having over 20,000 mineral specimens on display and in stock in his shop, and was making regular buying trips through the U.S. and Mexico. He sold Illinois fluorite crystal groups in 100-pound lots, made regular buying trips to the Tri-state area, and regularly purchased large lots of minerals at the Ojuela mine in Mapimi, Mexico. By 1967 his stock had more than doubled to 50,000 specimens. In 1968 he advertised a new lot of over 4,000 specimens of zeolites "from the famous Jewel Tunnel at Poonah, India." In April 1969 he obtained a huge lot of large, doubly terminated, dark brown dravite crystals to more than 3 pounds each.

In May of 1972 Sering announced his move to new quarters on Highway 135 in Morgantown, Indiana, about 30 miles south of Indianapolis. He had a newly built showroom on its own lot of several acres, with three times the floor space of his previous quarters. He said that "our display of crystals and minerals has been enlarged into one of the largest (if not the largest) in the United States." Besides minerals he had over 150,000 pounds of cutting rough for sale there. He also sold cabochons, slabs, jewelry findings, equipment and books. His last ads appeared in 1975, when he was 51 years old. Eventually his focus shifted away from mineral specimens and he also began selling handicrafts, stone and wood carvings, jewelry, beads, and cabochons from Asia. Harry and Maria continued to operate the business until retiring to Greenwood, Indiana in 1996. Harry Sering died August 19, 2000 in Greenwood.

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