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Michael Davis
(1955-    )

The Discount Agate House in Tucson, Arizona was opened in a Quonset hut at 3401 N. Dodge Boulevard in 1973 by the well-known mining engineer John Payne. Payne's step-son, Mike Davis, who was born and raised in Japan, took over the Discount Agate House in 1985. He had studied Marine Biology in Hawaii, after which he moved to California, and then finally to Tucson in order to be closer to his family. Since then Davis has become a GIA-certified Graduate Gemologist, and the shop has grown to more than 6,000 square feet under his management. In 2001 Davis changed the name of the business to the DAH Rock Shop, mainly because many people didn't know what an agate was, and thought "house" meant that it was a hotel. The shop sells mineral specimens, gems and lapidary material, fossils, meteorites, beads, sterling silver, lapidary rough, carvings, bookends, books, magazines and equipment.

STAUFFER, T. (2006) Shop owner got into business at rock bottom. Arizona Daily Star, Friday, February 3, 2006.
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The Mineralogical Record - Michael Davis Mike Davis, proprietor of the DAH Rock Shop (formerly the Discount Agate House) in Tucson.
The Mineralogical Record - Michael Davis 37 x 89 mm,
Discount Agate House label (pre-2001)
The Mineralogical Record - Michael Davis 38 x 89 mm,
Discount Agate House label (pre-2001)
The Mineralogical Record - Michael Davis 39 x 89 mm,
DAH Rock Shop label (post-2001)
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