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Louis B. Spencer

Louis B. Spencer was born in 1877/8 in Utah, and became a licensed mineral surveyor and "gold and silver" mining engineer. He worked in the Bingham, Utah district before moving to Nevada in the late 1890's or early 1900's. In 1911 he was appointed the first county surveyor for the newly formed Mineral County, Nevada. He married Nella V.T. and they had a son, Bernard, in 1911/12. Spencer lived first in Hawthorne, Nevada, then moved to Mina, Nevada in 1916/17. He operated under the name of L.B. Spencer & Company with his partner, I.J. Smith, and was fairly prosperous; Spencer owned one of the few automobiles in the area in 1914-1918. He left behind 81 volumes of survey books for towns, mining claims, underground workings and millsites, all of which were sold by Holabird Americana in 2002; A partial list of the towns covered in Spencer's surveys includes Spencer, Acme, Silver Dyke, Oro City, Omco, Wahmonie, Simon, Fitting, Lucky Boy, and Summit. There is also a detailed description of a "shooting scrape" contained in the Aurora, Nevada books, where Spencer has drawn a detailed diagram of the saloon in which the shooting took place. He worked as a surveyor at least into the 1930's; Spencer and Smith also operated the Warrior gold mine, and in 1933 were involved in a successful suit to reclaim much of the earnings of the mine. His mineral label. though headed "L.B. Spencer Collection," carries a price, suggesting that he dealt in mineral specimens on the side. Spencer is thought to have died in the 1950's.
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This label, with its Hawthorne address, was printed before 1916, but was amended in 1916 or later to show Spencer's new address in Mina. Although it is headed "Collection," the price marked at lower right suggests that Spencer may have sold specimens as a dealer.
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