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Dean A. McCrillis

Dean Abbott McCrillis was born February 8, 1931 in Quincy, Massachusetts. He earned a Master's degree in education from Harvard, and was the recipient of a Ford Fellowship. He then served as Principal of Andover High School from 1959 to 1967, and was active in many community affairs. He was an expert in appraising antiques, and ran a small antiques business. He also loved minerals; his first mineral company, Yankee Gems & Minerals, was located in Gum Corners, Byron, Maine.

Dean became a partner in the Plumbago Gem Mining Company after the big tourmaline strike at Newry in August of 1972. Ironically, Dean's great grandfather, William, had lost a horse race with Hollis C. Dunton for the right to have a lease on the Dunton Gem quarry at Newry in 1902. In 1975, McCrillis became interested in the Mount Mica quarry and obtained the property from Sara "Sally" Irish Spencer. He also mined superb amethyst specimens from a new prospect in Sweden, Maine.

In later years Yankee Gems & Minerals was operated by Dean McCrillis and his wife Ann (nee Stathas, married in 1954)in Roxbury, Maine. Although their Plumbago Mining Company had offices in the Casco Bank Building in downtown Rumford, Dean had his gem store in a renovated horse barn next to his home in Roxbury before the tourmaline strike at Newry. The Roxbury Store began to specialize in antiques after the Plumbago Mining Company opened its offices in Rumford. In the late 1980's, the combined gem and antique business opened a new store in Locke Mills village in the town of Greenwood. Dean died January 15, 1989.

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