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Isaac S. Skillin

Isaac "Ike" Sylvanus Skillin was born in North Yarmouth, Cumberland County, Maine on December 8, 1874, the son of Edward Sumner Skillin and Elizabeth Jane Anderson. He married Bertha Helen Pratt in 1904, and was the father of Edward Skillin (1906-1975). Ike was employed as a cardboard box worker in 1915 and by 1917 has become president of the Durgin Paper Box Company, and by 1919 was working as the proprietor of the Freeport Paper Box Factory, a position he held at least through 1925. Ike and Ed became mineral dealers together in Freeport, Maine near the L.L. Bean company on US Route #1.

The Skillins were well-known lapidaries, though not particularly active as faceters. They were noted for fashioning vases from lepidolite obtained from Black Mountain quarry, Rumford, Maine. During World War II, the Skillins were approached by the US Government to make an extra large agate mortar, probably used in chemical preparation in the Manhattan Project. Theirs was a formal business with a separate store building. Ike Skillin died May 28, 1954 in Freeport, Maine.

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