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Edward W. Rushton

Edward W. Rushton of Camden, Maine, proprietor of the Camden Mineral Company, was born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1927, the son of James Rushton, a coal miner. He enlisted in the Army in 1945. After returning home he moved to Maine where he became a mineral collector and started a mineral business in Camden in the late 1950's. His wife, Martha B. Darling, whom he married in 1959, was in a traffic accident from which she received a cash settlement, and that money was used to expand his business. His company purchased full-page advertisements in Rocks & Minerals magazine in the 1960's, but was never profitable. In order to preserve at least some of her settlement money, Mrs. Rushton obtained a divorce, and Ed tried to keep his business going despite the lack of the previously supporting funds. The Camden Mineral Company moved to a run-down farmhouse on State Route 3 in Belmont, Maine in the late 1960's or early 1970's. By about 1972, Rushton had reportedly moved to Easton, Pennsylvania where he is said to have had an association with Lafayette College. Rushton was a field collector while in Camden and made several discoveries in nearby localities, but did not have a car just prior to his departure from Maine. He died in January 1981 in his home town of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (about 60 miles from Easton).

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The Mineralogical Record - Edward W. Rushton 50 x 89 mm,
Edward Rushton's business card; the reverse side (see below) is his mineral label.
The Mineralogical Record - Edward W. Rushton 50 x 89 mm,
The reverse side of Edward Rushton's business card (above).
The Mineralogical Record - Edward W. Rushton 51 x 88 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Edward W. Rushton 50 x 88 mm
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