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E. Wilton Newton

Edward Wilton Newton was born in Cornwall, England in 1863. His father, Edward Tippet Newton (b. 1824), was a mineral dealer who had begun his career apprenticed to William Wilton (d. 1859), a mathematical instrument and watch and clock maker at St. Day, Cornwall, whose daughter Mary Ann Wilton (b. ca.1828) he later married. The elder Newton won the Silver Medal of the Royal Society of Arts in 1870 for a magnetic deflector and miner's theodolite, by which time he had left Newton's employ and established himself in business in Camborne. By 1878, in addition to making scientific instruments and watches, the elder Newton also operated as a jeweller, optician and mineral dealer. By 1881 the business had become "Newton and Son" (until at least 1893), the son being the above-mentioned Edward Wilton Newton. The elder Newton's business operated at least until 1914, but the death dates of father and son are unknown. At some point, perhaps ca. 1894, the son began dealing in mineral specimens under his own name, "E. Wilton Newton, Mineralogist," hence the label shown here (which is the only known example).

COOPER, M.P. (2006) Robbing the Sparry Garniture; A 200-Year History of British Mineral Dealers. Mineralogical Record (in press).
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