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George H. Richards

George Henry Richards was the son of the Cornish boot-maker and mineral dealer Thomas Light Richards (1818-1887) and his wife Jane Edwards. He was originally apprenticed as a printer, but by the age of 40 he had established himself as a mineral dealer and had "collected among miners & through all mining districts & supplied the trade...with quantities of material." He moved from Cornwall to London by 1897 and opened his showrooms in at 3 Beauchamp Place, Brompton Road, near the British Museum of Natural History (which became one of his customers for minerals). He remained at that address until 1911, when he moved to 48 Sidney Street, Chelsea, where he remained until he retired. He specialized in Cornish minerals, but sold worldwide and American material as well, much of the latter apparently obtained exchanging for British minerals with George L. English of New York. "Owing to indisposition" he retired in 1936 and his business was acquired by Gregory, Bottley & Company. Richards was the last of the London mineral dealers, other than Gregory, Bottley & Company.

COOPER, M.P. (2006) Robbing the Sparry Garniture; a 200-Year History of British Mineral Dealers. Mineralogical Record, Tucson (in press).
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The Mineralogical Record - George H. Richards George H. Richards (photo courtesy of his nephew in the 1970s, via Courtenay Smale)
The Mineralogical Record - George H. Richards 35 x 59 mm,
Handwritten on the back: "Sept 25, 1902"
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The Mineralogical Record - George H. Richards 35 x 59 mm
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