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Arthur Kusche
(fl. 1911-1924)

The Arthur Kusche Mineralogisches Institut and the Arthur Kusche Mineralien-Kontor at Leopoldstrasse 126 in Munich, Germany sold mineral specimens over a fairly long span of years, judging by the number of different label styles. He began ca. 1911 in partnership with Willy Hirsch (q.v.), but after a short time they dissolved their partnership and each operated independently. Arthur Kusche's business was later purchased ca.1924 by the Munich mineral dealer Wilhelm Maucher. No other information.

FITZ, O. (1993) Eine Sammlung Erzählt. Sonderhelt 1, Mitteilungen des Institutes für Bodenforschung und Baugeologie, Abteilung Baugeologie, Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna, 80 pages.
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The Mineralogical Record - Arthur Kusche 57 x 77 mm,
Label for a specimen sold to an American collector--note price in dollars rather than RM (Reichsmarks).
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