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G.A. Lenoir

George André Lenoir was born in Kassel, Germany on February 5, 1825, the son of a wealthy Huguenot merchant from Metz. He studied chemistry and physics in Kassel and Paris, then settled in Vienna, Austria the 1850s where he established a scientific instrument factory and mineral dealership located at Magdalenenstrasse 14. His labels describe the company business as "Fabrik und Handlung wissenschaftlicher Apparate" ("fabricating and dealing in scientific apparatus"). Among other instruments, Lenoir produced beautiful brass microscopes, and also pressed metal geomorphological models for students of geology. The Kremsmünster Museum contains two paper maché models purchased from G. A. Lenoir in 1857: a model of a ship steam engine and a model of an automotive steam engine. Lenoir also ran a publishing house in Vienna in the 1850s; in 1856 he published a collection of lithographic portraits of prominent naturalists, (Gallerie ausgezeichneter Naturforscher).

Lenoir accumulated a substantial fortune during his life. Never having married, he decided to use his fortune to help the orphaned children of his home town, the city of Kassel, and in 1893 established the Lenoir Foundation there for that purpose. He died in Meran (South Tyrol) on November 2, 1909. Following his death his business was taken over by his partner, a man named Forster (as "Lenoir & Forster, Naturhistorisches Institut"), at Waaggasse 5.

FITZ, O. (1993) Eine Sammlung Erzählt. Sonderhelt 1, Mitteilungen des Institutes für Bodenforschung und Baugeologie, Abteilung Baugeologie, Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna, 80 pages.
WEGNER, E. (1986) Die Kasseler Lenoir-Stiftung und das Bad Sliac. Zum 75. Todestag von G. A. Lenoir. Jahrbuch Landkreis Kassel, page 87-96.
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