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Albin  Jäger Company
(1914-    )

The Albin Jäger company was founded in 1914 by retired high school headmaster Heinrich Christian Jäger, under the name of his sister Albine, at Loehrgasse 22 in Vienna, Austria. In 1921 the management of the company was taken over by his daughter, Margarethe "Grete" Jäger (1895-1988). She opened a small showroom on the Albertinarampe by the Danubius Fountain, near the mineral company of Julius Böhm. As of 1924 the company was located at Augustinerstr.3.

In 1942 the company became known as the Grete Mauer Naturwissenschaftliche Anstalt (Scientific Supplyhouse) (Mrs. Jäger had been married since 1921 to Alois Mauer, who died in 1948). She dealt at this time in books and supplies for schools and collectors of butterflies, beetles, fossils and minerals.

In 1945 the company facilities suffered heavy war damage, and her father, H. C. Jäger, died at the age of 80. Grete rebuilt the company, however, and in 1948 re-opened in new quarters in the Austrian National Library building at Augustinerstr.9. Grete Jäger, who was a mineralogical expert of many years experience and also an appraisal expert, kept the business open despite her advancing age, with the assistance of relatives and acquaintances who helped to support the highly esteemed "institution." She was a member of the Austrian Mineralogical Society (Österreichische Mineralogische Gesellschaft) in the 1950s and 1960s. She received the Golden Needle Award from the city Vienna as the oldest businesswoman in the Viennese Chamber of Commerce. She died in 1988 at the age of 93.

In 1989 the business changed hands and re-opened under the management of her grand-nephew Stefan Hammerl and his wife Ingeborg, dealing in jewelry, necklaces, agate bowls, special fossils and butterflies.

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The Mineralogical Record - Albin  Jäger Company Grete Jäger Mauer with her brother, Wilhelm Jäger (who died ca. 1986). Wilhelm ("Willi") Jäger helped his sister Grete in the shop.
The Mineralogical Record - Albin  Jäger Company 34 x 49 mm
Löhrgasse address
The Mineralogical Record - Albin  Jäger Company 40 x 51 mm,
Löhrgasse address (1914-1921)
The Mineralogical Record - Albin  Jäger Company 37 x 46 mm,
Lehrmittel-Anstalt Jäger, Augustinerstrasse address (1924-1941)
The Mineralogical Record - Albin  Jäger Company 56 x 48 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Albin  Jäger Company 47 x 36 mm;
("Durchgang Nationalbibliothek" = Augustinerstraße 9, the address of Hammerl's, the Jäger successor)
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