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F. H. Hoseus
(FL. 1860-192)

Frederick Hermann Hoseus (perhaps in association with a family member named Jacomet Hoseus) was a Swiss mineral dealer in Basel with a branch office in England at 12 South Terrace, Grosvenor Park, Camberwell, London. He is listed as a mineralogist in the London trade directories for 1865-1866 and evidently spent some or all of that period dealing in England. In Switzerland he was the agent for American mineral collector Clarence Bement (q.v.) and frequently acted as his guide on buying trips in Switzerland, Germany and Eastern Europe. Bryce Wright occasionally acted as Hoseus's British agent, though the American collector Randolph Clay (q.v.), ca. 1863, refers to Hoseus as the ôlate Wright's traveller," i.e. a traveling purchase agent for Bryce Wright.

The March 1892 ad for George L. English in The Mineralogist's Monthly announces that "The great HOSEUS STOCK will be placed on sale in our store at noon, Tuesday, March 1, 1892. Doubtless this is the finest collection of European minerals ever brought to his country. For an outline of its contents, see last month's Mineralogist's Monthly [vol.7, no.4]. Mineralogists from far and near are expected."

The description in the April 1892 issue reads:

"We have recently purchased the entire stock of H. Hoseus, the well-known Swiss dealer, who for many years has been admitted to have the best stock of fine specimens in Europe. It is, of course, impossible in a few words to give even a general idea of the contents of the Hoseus stock, but our customers who appreciate fine and rare specimens will be quick to write us for a box on approval. It abounds in such rarities as Dyscrasite crystals; Naumannite; Hessite crystals (!); Sternbergite; Greenockite crystals; Niccolite crystals; Gersdorffite crystals; Sylvanite crystals (!); Nagyagite crystals (!); Miargyrite; Diaphorite crystals; Freieslebenite crystals (!!); Rittingerite; Aikinite; Meneghenite crystals; Cotunnite; Castorite and Pollucite crystals (!); Axinite crystals (!); Herscelite crystals; Brewsterite; Przibram Cronstedtite (!!); Roselite crystals (!); Euchroite crystals; Trogerite; Stolzite crystals; Scottish Vanadinite; Monte Poni Anglesites (!!); Phosgenites (!); Leadhillite crystals (!!); Susannite crystals; Lanarkite crystals (!!); Bloedite crystals; Felsobanyite; Johannite; Uraconite; Siberian Dioptase, Alexandrite, Zircon, Topaz, Ouvarovite, Leuchtenbergite, Aquamarine and Emerald; Swiss Danburite, Hematite, Rutile pseudo. Hematite, Wiserine, Turnerite, Jordanite, Binnite and Rutilated Quartz crystals."

Hoseus labels have a double frame line in dark blue, and no dealer name or address on the front side; however, a rubber stamp on the back in purple ink has been found on some labels saying "H. HOSEUS Basel," and "J. Hoseus, Basel."
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