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Frederick A. Genth

Frederick August Ludwig Karl Wilhelm Genth was born May 17, 1820, in Wächtersbach, Hesse, Germany. As a young boy he was tutored by his father in the natural sciences (including botany, conchology and mineralogy). He attended Heidelberg University (1839-1840), studying mineralogy under Gmelin, Blum and Leonhard; at the University of Geissen (1841-1843) he studied under Fresenius, Kopp and Liebig; and and the University of Marburg he studied under Bunsen and received his PhD in 1845, remaining as Bunsen's assistant for three more years. He publishing his first paper on mineralogy in 1844, at the age of 22.

To escape the political upheavals in Europe at that time he emmigrated to America in 1848 and established an analytical chemistry laboratory in Philadelphia. He spent a year as superintendant of the Washington (Silver Hill) mine in Davidson county, in North Carolina, then accepted the post of Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. He was also appointed the chief chemist and mineralogist of the second Pennsylvania Geological Survey. In 1888 he returned to his private analytical business for the remainder of his life. He published a total of 31 papers in chemistry and 215 papers on mineralogy, including the first descriptions of 24 new mineral species. Genthite and genthelvite were named in his honor. He died in Philadelphia on February 2, 1893. He had advertised his personal mineral collection for sale, but it was ultimately bequeathed to, or purchased by, Pennsylvania State University.

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The Mineralogical Record - Frederick A. Genth Frederick A. Genth
The Mineralogical Record - Frederick A. Genth 42 x 62 mm,
Genth's engraved bookplate, which doubled as a mineral label (specimen data written on reverse--see below)
The Mineralogical Record - Frederick A. Genth 42 x 62 mm,
Reverse side of Genth's engraved bookplate (shown above),used as a mineral label.
The Mineralogical Record - Frederick A. Genth 50 x 63 mm,
Handwritten label with Genth signature.
The Mineralogical Record - Frederick A. Genth 40 x 102 mm,
Handwriiten label with Genth signature.
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