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Mario Pauwels
(1964-    )

Mario Pauwels was born in Belgium in 1964, and lives in Buggenhout, in the northern and Flemish (or Dutch) speaking part of Belgium. He began collecting minerals at the age of 10, always with the support of his parents, who accompanied him on collecting trips and to mineral shows in Belgium and Germany when he was young. Some years ago, after his first visit to a major mineral show, he decided to reduce the size of his collection and concentrate only high quality specimens. Around that time (1989) he also began to participate at mineral shows as a part-time mineral dealer, under the dealership name of Pauwels Minerals, but he has always considered himself as primarily a collector.

These days Mario does only a few local shows a year as a mineral dealer, but as a very passionate collector attends all of the major American and European mineral shows, always in search of specimens that will make the trip worthwhile. His personal collection focusses on aesthetic, undamaged and unrepaired mineral specimens and gem crystals from worldwide locations. Thanks to more than 80 trips to America, specimens from North America and from Brazil are well represented in his collection.

As a passionate collector Mario is always searching to add new specimens or to upgrade specimens in his collection. Dealers and collectors who have aesthetic, undamaged and unrepaired mineral specimens or gem crystals to sell or to trade are invited to contact him.

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