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Werner Wurster
(1947-    )

Werner Wurster was born in 1947 in the German city of Calw (Black Forest) and grew up in a town nearby. He is a chemical engineer by profession and lives in the town of Pfinztal near Karlsruhe, working on nuclear fusion research for the International Thermonuclear Reactor ITER at the Karlsruhe Research Center. He and his wife Karin and have two sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandchild (as of 2005).

Werner became interested in minerals when he was 16, and went on his first fieldtrips by bicycle in the northern Black Forest, to localities such as Neuenbuerg, Neubulach, and Grube Kaefersteige near Pforzheim. Soon he extended his range to the whole of the Black Forest, visiting Grube Clara in Oberwolfach, and Grube Anton in Wieden. Next he traveled to the French uranium mines in Auvergne and different places in the Alps. In 1966 he became a member of the "Association of the Friends of Mineralogy and Geology" (VFMG). At the local section of the VFMG in Karlsruhe he met mineralogical enthusiasts like Prof. Rudolf Metz of the Karlsruhe University, the late geologist Dr. Wolfgang Stucke and the dentist Otto Belger (qv). Werner regularly attends mineral shows, those in Munich and Ste-Marie-aux-Mines being his favorites. He is a subscriber of The Mineralogical Record and Lapis.

Werner's collection comprises about 1000 specimens ranging from microscopic to museum size. His goal is to have a good cross-section of the Mineral Kingdom. Within this context he specializes in beryl, topaz and the native elements from worldwide localities, and also specimens from the Black Forest. Each specimen must be accurately identified and visually appealing, and each has a catalog number affixed (according to the Strunz classification), and a label. Each catalog number has a corresponding file card with as much information as possible, and also the original label of the supplier.

Werner Wurster, personal communication 2005
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