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C. Buchwald

Carl Christian Benjamin Buchwald was born in Marienburg, Germany, in 1804; he served as accounting officer in the engineering workshop of the Freiberg Mining Academy in 1833, and later was an officer in the Academy office. He was appointed secretary at the Academy in 1834, and Administrator of the Mineralien-Niederlage of the Academy from April 4,1835, to December 31,1844. He attended the Freiberg mining school (not mining academy) in 1828.

A Christian Benjamin Buchwald was listed as a Berggeschworener in 1827. Inasmuch as this title was only bestowed on experienced miners, he must not be the same person as the Academy's Carl Christian Benjamin Buchwald. If he was an experienced miner by 1827, he must have been born considerably earlier than 1804. Which of these two men established the C. Buchwald Mineralien-Niederlage (mineral business) in Freiberg at some time is unknown, but it was probably the older Christian, who may have been the father of the younger Carl Christian.
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