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Friedrich  Kohl

Friedrich Kohl was born October 14, 1839 in Weissenburg, Germany, the eldest son of Albertina Menzner and Friedrich Kohl, Sr., a priest and instructor at the Latin School in Weissenburg. In 1868 Friedrich Jr. purchased the pharmacy Zum Goldenen Greif (“The Golden Eagle”) in Weissenburg, and in 1871 he married Julie Schneider; they had five children. Friedrich's younger brother Wilhelm (1848-1898) also ran a pharmacy in Weissenburg, the Einhorn Apotheke (“Unicorn Pharmacy”)—it is still in existence today. Friedrich worked in Weissenburg as a pharmacist for 21 years before selling his pharmacy business in 1889 and retiring from his various public positions. In 1890, at the age of 51, he moved to Munich, and died there in 1907.

Kohl founded the Bayerisches Petrefacten und Mineralien Comptoir (“Bavarian Fossil and Mineral Company”) at an unknown time. His labels give his address(es) as “Weissenburg a/S. P.A. München, Hildegardstr. 20/I,” “Weissenburg a./S. P.A. München, Schellingstr. 30/2,” and “München, Schellingstr. 30/2, Weissenburg a/S.” Only the latter inscription also carries the name “von Friedr. Kohl.” The "a/S" probably stands for "am Sand," in reference to the local sandstone quarries. "P.A." stands for "Postal Adresse." His family was prominent in Weissenburg, and he may have wished to note the connection, even though he no longer lived there. The format of the three addresses suggests that the Hildegardstrasse address is the earlier of the two. Interestingly, one of the Schellingstrasse labels in the Label Archive carries the penciled date “1868,” the year Kohl opened his pharmacy in Weissenberg. This probably indicates the year he originally acquired the specimen; he then later offered it for sale, after his 1890 move to Munich.

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The Mineralogical Record - Friedrich  Kohl 40 x 72 mm,
This label seems to carry a literature reference: "Acqu.V.IV.7," which, if it could be identified, could serve to date the label.
The Mineralogical Record - Friedrich  Kohl 42 x 73 mm,
A label for a specimem of native antimony from the "Rieg Collection," priced at 2.5 Marks.
The Mineralogical Record - Friedrich  Kohl 40 x 72 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Friedrich  Kohl 41 x 71 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Friedrich  Kohl 54 x 76 mm,
This label carries the penciled date "1868" (the year in which Kohl purchased his pharmacy in Weissenburg).
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