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Hermann von der Heydt

Hermann von der Heydt was born in Bad Schönborn-Mingolsheim (Germany) on July 2, 1922, and grew up there. After attending school in Bretten, he learned the tradecraft of a cooper (barrel maker). After the second world war he specialized in operations scheduling. He was interested in nature since childhood, and was an excellent connoisseur of domestic orchids and also an excellent photographer. His favorite subject was photographing birds in the wild.

His interest in minerals was aroused by his daughter Heidemarie, when she found blue and green stones while hiking in the northern Black Forest (the Schwarzwald). She wanted very much to know what they are called, and in order to answer her questions Hermann had to inform himself about minerals. This was the beginning of his collector's passion for minerals. He began to visit the dump of Grube Clara in the Black Forest and the stone quarries in Idar-Oberstein. During these activities, he became acquainted with collectors from Heilbronn, who introduced him into the Association of the Friends of Mineralogy and Geology (VFMG).

In the 1960s Hermann arranged the annual Bretten mineral show, which is still being held today. He cultivated many contacts with collectors all over the whole world. Hermann died of cancer on March 7, 1983 in Bretten. His mineral collection is now on permanent display at the Melanchthon-Gymnasium of Bretten.

Personal communication from Heidemarie and Hans Gremmelmaier, Bretten Pfinztal, October 2011, via Werner Wurster.
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