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J. Reinhard Blum

Johann Reinhard Blum was born in Hanau, Germany on October 28, 1802, and died in Heidelberg on 22 August 1883. He was Professor of Mineralogy for many years at the University of Heidelberg, becoming Professor Emeritus in 1877. He was also the long-time director of the University's mineral collection, and maintained a substantial mineral collection of his own which was especially rich in pseudomorphs, one of his favorite topics. His 1843 book Die Pseudomorphosen des Mineralreichs, is the classic textbook on pseudomorphs and has never been surpassed. His work on the origins of pseudomorphs was among the first to show the importance of chemistry in several pseudomorphic processes, which subsequently proved to be among the principal processes that form replacement ore deposits. He also wrote Lehrbuch der Oryktognosie (1832), Lithurgik, oder Mineralien und Felsarten (1840) (a detailed economic mineralogy), and Die Einschlüsse von Mineralien in Krystallisirten Mineralien (1854) (about inclusions in minerals), among others. The labels shown here, written in his own hand, are from the Blum pseudomorph collection in the Peabody Museum, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
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