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Carl Benedicks

Dr, Carl Benedicks was a world-famous Swedish professor and metallurgist at the University of Stockholm. He took upon himself the task of generating interest in an independent institute of metallography. The first time he raised the matter was in 1909, at the technical discussion meeting of the Swedish Iron Masters' Association (Jernkontoret). The matter was left dormant and it was not until the First World War, under the impact of the favorable economic conditions for steel, that the idea attracted renewed interest. After funding had been raised from Swedish steel- and metals industry, the Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament), resolved at the suggestion of His Majesty The King "to provide the premises made available by the Materials Testing Laboratory of the Institute of Technology." In this way the Swedish Institute for Metals Research was established and became a predecessor of the sector research institute in the 1940's. The founder of the Institute, Prof. Carl Benedicks, also became its first director. He conducted a great deal of research in metallurgy, physics, and the properties of minerals, probably explaining his need for a mineral collection. His relatively small collection was acquired by Ulrich Burchard (q.v.).
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