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 Geonic Mineralen Collectie
(1985-    )

Geonic Mineralen Collectie ("Geonic Mineral Collection") and also Geonic Exclusieve Mineralen, are the mineral businesses of the Belgian dealer Georges Claeys and his wife Nicole Van Vooren ("Geonic" was derived from their names, Georges and Nicole). Georges was born in November 1943 in the small village of Drongen near Ghent, Belgium, the son of a farmer. He studied advertising art at the Saint Lucas School of Art in Ghent, and worked for the city of Ghent (on the renovation and decoration of public buildings) for 30 years before retiring in 2004. In the summer of 1978 he and Nicole and their three children began collecting minerals while vacationing at l'Alpe d'Huez in France. They joined various mineral clubs and went field-collecting at localities in France, Germany, and the Hohe Tauern region of Austria. Eventually, in 1985, they became micromounters as well, and in that same year began selling minerals. Since 1989 they have become world travelers, visiting famous mineral localities such as Mount Ida, Arkansas; Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec; the Jeffrey mine, Quebec; the Yukon Territory; the Kola Peninsula in Russia and Poona, India. The attend many shows and operate an appointment-only shop at Vliegpleinkouter 56, Mariakerke, B-9030 Gent, Belgium, and have a website at They can be e-mailed at
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