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Alexandre Stuer
(ca. 1860-1920?)

Alexandre Antoine Stuer was a prominent Parisian mineral dealer during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In 1896 he married Marie-Madaleine (or Mathilde) Gaillard, but by that time he had already been in business as a naturalist for 14 years, so perhaps he was born around 1860. According to marriage records in Paris, his mother was Fanny Catherine Stuer.

His company, the Comptoir Géologique et Minéralogique, had quarters at 40, rue de Mathurins and at 4, rue de Castellane. The Mathurins address apparently predates 1882 when it was first given in The Naturalist's Directory; his 1894-1895 ads in The Mineral Collector also give the Mathurins address, as does The Naturalist's Directory in 1896 and 1905. However, his auction catalog for the Bouglise Collection gives the Castellane address. The Bouglise collection of gold specimens was offered for sale at public auction on December 14, 1911, by Stuer (it was purchased in its entirety by Albert C. Burrage of Boston, Massachusetts). Stuer also published De la prospection de l'or, conseils aux prospecteurs (undated) ("On Prospecting for Gold: Advice for Prospectors").

Stuer's earliest label lacks a company name, calling himself merely "Alexandre Stuer, Minéralogiste-Géologue, Paris." His latest labels (from the 1920's?) also lack a company name: "Alexandre Stuer – Paris." He sold minerals from worldwide localities, though specializing in those from mainland Europe.
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The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer A postcard with a photographic portait of Alexandre Stuer, dated October 18, 1917.
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer Alexandre Stuer in his shop, 1890s. Collection of the Library of the National Museum of Natural History, Paris.
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer Ad in the Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de l’Ouest de la France (1893).
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer 77 x 98 mm,
This rare Stuer label is probably the most artistic of all mineral labels. On the back is written: "Vente Dr. Leopold Vidal, Hotel Drouot, Paris -- 27 Mai 1919. 10 fr,pp."
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer 39 x 60 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer 45 x 59 mm,
One of the few known dated labels: Vermächtniss ("Bequest of") Burheune 1918.
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer 44 x 60 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Alexandre Stuer 45 x 59 mm
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