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Émile  Deyrolle

Émile Deyrolle was a 19th-century Paris dealer in natural history specimens and taxidermy. The earliest and rarest Deyrolle mineral labels show Émile at what is perhaps the original address where his naturalist grandfather, Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, first opened for business in 1831: 23, rue de la Monnaie. Jean-Baptiste's son Achille Deyrolle took over the business for many years, following which his son Émile took over in 1866. All other labels in the archive show the address 46, rue du Bac (the former home of Jacques-Samuel Bernhart, Louis XIV's banker), where the company has done business since 1881 and still operates today. Deyrolle specialized in natural history publications and specimens (minerals, rocks, fossils, botanicals, shells, taxidermy, microscopic specimens) and instruments.

The fourth generation of the family, Émile Deyrolle's sons, altered the company name to "Les Fils d'Émile Deyrolle" on the labels. They had taken over the business by 1896. Labels that simply say "Deyrolle" are apparently the most recent, perhaps representing the generation after the "Sons." The company still has hundreds of drawers of mineral specimens for sale, amid all the stuffed animals and butterflies, and was still owned by the Deyrolle family until very recently. The Prince Jardinier Company (founded by French Prince Louis-Albert de Broglie in 1995 and given his nickname, "the Prince Gardener") sponsored a restoration of the 350-square-meter store in 2001, and purchased the store outright in 2003.
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The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle Emile Deyrolle
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle The Deyrolle shop today, still at 46 Rue du Bac.
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle 39 x 88 mm,
The oldest known (and rarest) Deyrolle label, pre-1881, showing the Rue de la Monnaie address. The company moved to the Rue du Bac address in 1881.
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle 39 x 88 mm,
"Emile Deyrolle" label, Rue du Bac address, for a specimen of "Buratite," named for Amédée Burat (1809-1883) by Delesse in 1846, but discredited by E.S. Dana in 1892 (=aurichalcite). Therefore, this label must date between 1881 and 1892.
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle 44 x 70 mm,
"Emile Deyrolle" label.
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle 39 x 52 mm,
"Emile Deyrolle" label.
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle 37 x 49 mm,
A label for the "Sons of Emile Deyrolle." The mineral "monheimite" was discredited by Chester in 1896.
The Mineralogical Record - Émile  Deyrolle 52 x 50 mm,
A folding label for "The Sons of Emile Deyrolle."
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