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Stuart Wilensky
(1960-    )

Stuart Wilensky was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1960, the son of Leo and Estelle Wilensky, art and antiques dealers (the Wurtsboro Antiques company in Wurtsboro, New York)). He grew up in a very artistic family and traveled the world with them visiting museums and studying every period in art from Egyptian to the 20th century. Beginning at the age of 15 he worked with his father in the artiques business, and eventually earned his Masters Degree in Art History from State University of New York at Binghamton in 1983.

Stuart's aesthetic training translated instantly into an appreciation of the natural beauty of minerals. One day in 1984 at a flea market on Long Island, Stuart and Donna (who were then newlyweds) came across a table filled with Arkansas quartz and polished agates. They instantly fell in love with a clear quartz plate and bought it for the princely sum of $50. After that incident, Stuart's main inspiration was Peter Bancroft's book Gem & Crystal Treasures (1984). He met Peter at the New Jersey Earth Science Show, where Peter was signing books, and bought a signed copy. That night he read a few chapters and was hooked. Stuart credits this book with initiating his life-long passion for minerals.

Within a few months Stuart also acquired a complete set of the Mineralogical Record and read each issue trying to learn everything he could about minerals. He was on a very steep learning curve. Donna was drawn to the minerals as well, and they visited mineral museums and mineral shops wherever they could find them, from New York City to London. In 1985 Stuart and Donna's The Treasury Room dealership was founded, renamed Stuart and Donna Wilensky Fine Minerals (sometimes just Wilensky Fine Minerals after 2000) in 1991. They attended their first Tucson Show as dealers in 1987.

Their focus as dealers is on acquiring and selling the very finest, most beautiful and most perfect of all mineral specimens. They describe each piece within the context of other known examples and explain to their clients why any particular specimen is among the very best. Although they rarely buy entire collections (because their acquisition criteria are so strict) they have been very active buying and selling individual specimens from many well known collections, including those Steve Smale, Steve Neely, Peter Via, F. John Barlow, Joe Freilich, Irv Brown, Marshall Sussman, Gene Meieran, Francis Benjamin, and James Horner. Stuart's idol, among mineral dealers, is the late Martin Ehrmann, because of his unparalleled ethics, honesty and knowledge.

Stuart recent published a book depicting many of the specimens they've carried, Wilensky Fine Minerals (2005), volume one of a proposed series.

Stuart and Donna maintain a small personal collection of about 50 specimens. The only themes are beauty, aesthetics, crystal perfection and best-of-species. They live with their three children in Wurtsboro, New York and can be contacted at, or through their website at
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